Gent // SINCE 2001

9000 Styles:
> Emilio, Sinx, Source, Jona, Admir, Kid Fresh, Naborito, Brecht & Yolan


Members original Psycho's:
> Lander, Dajo, Mitsjie, Sam, Karim, Jona, Dennis, Admir, Hoa

Open practice at TWS Home for Hip Hop - Fluweelstraat 22, 9000 Gent

  • Monday: 19:30-22:00
  • Thursday: 19:30-22:00

> Always double check with someone of the crew to be sure. Closed during school holidays.

Funky Belgianz

Brussel // SINCE 2008

Bboy Instructor, Show, DJ, Competion, TV Show

Contact :

Above The Blood - ATB

Brussels // SINCE 2015

ATB is a Family, and like every family, we took different way to express our dance.

@bounoux.atb @nille.atb.sbz @maway_atb @polo_bluch @solal_mariotte @senju_cyphercat @bboy_adi_mino @g_vybz_atb


Style Invaders Crew - SIC

Gent // SINCE 2013

A motivated group that's willing to express the art of our culture.

~ Decoded artistry of style ~


Leuven // SINCE 2013

Mixed souls crew was founded in 2013. They have crew members all over Belgium, each with their own style of breaking. They each bring their own specialities to the breaking floor and form a real family.


Diest // SINCE 2003

Members: Daan, Benjamin, Wietse, Anke, Niels, Xibo, Tobias, Filip, Yanik


Collision Crew

Leuven // SINCE 2021

Jordi, Willy william, lena, bas, jurre, Yannick, Juan, Aiko, mila, jannoniem, sibe, chiele, ramon, alex, bartel 

Collision is a clash of different styles. And that's exactly what these kids have, each with a unique style that blends perfectly with each other and forms the group Collision. New gen from Leuven City!

Diamond Leaf

Antwerpen // SINCE 2008

Diamond Leaf || Antwerpen | 2008

Members: Taka Nohara (Belgium), Vinnie Reyes (Belgium), Thomas van Reeth (Belgium), Marouane Zoubir (Belgium), Soe Nsuki (Belgium), Sandra Neguin (Vietnam), Bob Verlinde (Netherlands), Romeo Claessens (Netherlands), Ferry Bommel (Netherlands), Ferdinant Buysee (Netherlands), Randy Janssens (Netherlands)

Our crew was formed in 2008. During a battle we battled each other and after that we get to know each other and that’s where it started. Half of the crew is from Belgium and the other half from the Netherlands. So we had Antwerp Diamond City and Holland the Leaf so we made our crew name Diamond Leaf. We had a great time during the 10 years of Diamond Leaf. But as we got older our crew got divided as some got married and had children, others moved abroad etc… We still have contact but we don’t battle anymore. So that’s how Diamond Leaf was formed - Peace & Love.


/Leuven // SINCE 2007

Local Legendz crew evolved from Rafaga De Viento (Leuven) & B-Town Breakers.

Snelle Jelle, 2 min Stanny, Kimbopatser, Clittle, Vagino, The Flash, Crazy Kyroet, Crash, Jonas Calvin Klein, Jackoffski

Sicker Than Your Average

Houthalen // SINCE 2020


Instagram: sickerthanyouraverage.breaking

Founder/coach/owner: ed

Inspiration/coach/bro: Khalid

1st member/captain: bboy Zjef Backed up by, Reinout,Brecht,Gijs,Syria,Tim, Maximilian...

Followed up by Jaro,Adriano,Zinke,Orlando

Location Limburg vedd plekske; Open training op woensdag 18u en zondag 14u | Pelikaanstraat | 15 | 3530 |


Leuven // SINCE 1998

Original crew from Leuven.

Open trainings:

Vleugel F, Brusselse Straat 61a Leuven
Every Thursday between 19:00 – 21:00

> L'ariko, Canna Albero, Levi, Kyroet, Zino, Hippo, Faky, Stanny, Phugalu, ...

Flash Family crew

Mechelen // SINCE 2001

Pirroman - Roello - Nucleus - Jappe - Ernest - Jelle - Maarten