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Smiling Battle 2024

Van 16/03/2024 | 09:30 → 18:00

The "Smiling Battle" 2023 is a Battle for children, teenagers and young adults under the age of 21. It will include 3 different age categories.


This Battle will feature 16 duets. Each child will perform two passages, giving everyone a chance to shine. The judges won't make any decisions, but will elect their favorite duo. Each child will leave with a small gift and will be showcased / no losers, no winners, only champions!

8-12 years old:
Once again, each duo will have the opportunity to perform twice in the qualifying rounds, to be recognized for their skills. The judges will choose a top 16 (8 duos). ¼ final then ½ final then final. Each child will receive a prize. Winners receive an additional prize.

The battles -8years and 8-12years will be judged by young people recognized in the field under 18 years.
-Bboy Toco (Smiling Dance)
- Bboy SpinX (LCB / Lascars)
- Bgirl Moon (AndWeDanced)
-Bgirl Valentina (Out Of Control)

13-21 year olds:
We're not changing the valuation, so we're keeping the two-pass minimum for each participant. This category will be judged by experienced breakdance adults. They will take a top 8 (1/4 final and so on).

- Bboy Saïdon (LCB / Awkward Scientists)
- Bgirl Duracel / Rach (Ihdance)
- Bboy Fred (Funky Feet)

DJ Cali will be on hand to entertain us at every Battle!

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