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Beyond The Breaks

Van 12/08/2023 | 12:30 → 23:59

Beyond the Breaks - Half a Century of Hip Hop Culture

With this block party we aim to celebrate the essence of hip hop's foundation while hinting at the evolution and growth it has experienced over the past 50 years. This title effectively conveys the celebration of both the roots and the progression of hip hop culture. It sets the stage for an exciting block party that honors the rich legacy and impact of hip hop.

Location: 30CC/Schouwburg - Bondgenotenlaan 21, 3000 

What’s going down?

1. A breaking and all style concept battle

The jam starts with a 1-hour cypher qualification, where all the dancers get down on the finest Hip Hop, Funk & Soul music. First the judges will pick a top 16 breakers & top 16 all style dancers, who will battle 1vs1 in their style until the top 8.

From the top 8 of both styles, the battle becomes a 2vs2, where we will randomly mix the all style dancers with a breaker on the spot. To find out which duo can create that magical synergy & crown their selves champs of this Battle Shake concept.

Prize money:
- 1st place 600€
- 2nd place 200€

- Poe One / Style Elements crew
- Yugson / Wanted Posse - France
- Salomon / France
- Ruben Chi / Ghetto Funk Collective – Holland
- Mavinga / Belgium - UK

- Joseph WU / Germany
- Lucas Benjamin / Ghetto Funk Collective - Holland

- Karim Kalonji - Belgium
- Sarah Bekambo - Belgium

Registration --> on the facebook event!

2. Mc’ing

Step into the world of raw talent and lyrical prowess as rappers from all around gather to showcase their skills in an exhilarating freestyle session. The MC’ing Cypher is a dynamic and interactive event where words flow effortlessly, and creativity knows no bounds.

3. Graffiti wall

Immerse yourself in a visual feast as our graffiti wall becomes a canvas for talented artists to unleash their creativity and showcase their artistic prowess. This interactive event will captivate your senses and transport you into a world where colors, shapes, and messages intertwine. We will provide some young local talent who will help you to create something stunning.

4. Turntablism

Half a century of Hip Hop showcase by Dysfunkshunal.

DJ Dysfunkshunal's journey to the top of the scratching world is a testament to his relentless dedication and exceptional talent. As a world champion, he has honed his craft to perfection, pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the turntables and captivating audiences worldwide with his unique style and unrivaled stage presence.

5. Free Breaking Blocks workshop w/ Link

Link, from Supreme Legacy Crew, will be sharing his knowledge in a free one and half hour workshop. Open to all dancers who want to expand their knowledge & way of moving on a deeper level. Register on the spot.

Facebook event

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