Legacy league Gent by TWS


It’s a Wrap Festival 2022


12:00 - Doors + timetable TBA

- Legacy League Ghent
- Free workshops
- Concrete footwork battle: Pass-Pass
- Live music
- Cyphers
- Drinks & good food


* DJ: Goss’One
* HOST: Karim - Don Kroko - The Sensei

It’s a wrap festival will be a combo with the Legacy League chapter Ghent.

Battle concept:
- 1on1 beginners kidz u14
- 1on1 to seven2smoke pro kidz u17

Info & registrationTHE LEGACY LEAGUE - HOME (legacy-league.com)

Belgium is world famous for it's high level bboy kids, so.... where ya’ll at?!

This is a FREE event for & by the community

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